US company implants microchips in its employees

Three Square Market (32M), a snack stall supplier based in Wisconsin has become the first company in the US to roll out microchip implants for all its employees. Entirely optional, the company is planning to implant over 50 of its staff with radio-frequency identification chips the size of a rice grain between their thumb and forefinger. Once implanted, the chips will allow employees to perform a range of common office tasks with an effortless wave of their hand. The chips use near-field communication technology, and are similar to ones already in use in contactless credit cards, mobile payment systems, and animal tag implants, and will cost around US$300 each to implant, which the company says it will pay. Employees will no longer need to carry around keys, ID cards, or smartphones to operate or authenticate with other systems. The chips will not include GPS, so the company will not be able to track their movements, but they could provide a huge amount of data about what employees do and when — like how often they take breaks or use the bathroom, what kind of snacks they buy. To find out more go to Three Square Market Microchips Employees Company-Wide.