Hacking the planet's climate to save it

Scientists have proposed a 'cocktail' of technology-based climate hacks that could help to cool our warming planet. The controversial approach — called geoengineering — would use tools to deflect solar radiation away from the planet and reversing the warming trend. By modelling how sulphate particles scatter the sun's rays in the atmosphere and simultaneously thinning out sunlight-reflecting clouds to reduce warming, the scientists found that temperatures could be brought back to pre-industrial levels without drastically increasing rainfall. Geoengineering technologies have been around for decades, but are untested and potentially dangerous as there's a lot we don't know about the potential effects of such dramatic action. Scientists who have suggested such technologies also warn that messing around with the planet's atmosphere may not be a good idea, and if anything goes wrong we could make things worse. To find out more check out Could "cocktail geoengineering" save the planet?