Through my writing I seek to entertain and inform with stories that take the reader on a journey of scientific exploration and discovery

I write about the latest developments in science and technology, and the amazing people who make them happen. You can find my résumé here.

I have published print and on-line articles, reviews and profiles for a number of publishers, including Springer Nature, the Royal Institution of Australia, Popular Science, the Australian National Data Service, and others.

My path to becoming a science writer started at the age of five or six: I remember watching a TV repairman remove the back of my family's first television, hoping he'd have it working again in time for a triple bill of Foghorn Leghorn cartoons — the 'good ol' boy' rooster with a penchant for mischief, and my childhood hero.

After several minutes rummaging around in his copious bag, he left to retrieve something from the bumblebee-coloured van parked outside. Tentatively, I peered into the back of the TV, mesmerised at a mysterious landscape of tubes, coils, valves, wires — greens, reds, blues. How did this magical world bring Foghorn into mine?'

Many years later, still curious and keen to expand my knowledge of the inner workings of the universe, I headed to university to study for a Bachelor's degree in physics. The other-worldliness of quantum mechanics, and elegance of special relativity piqued my curiosity further, prompting me to study for a Master's degree in physics, and then a PhD in chemistry.

At university I ploughed through popular science books, from Chopra and Dawkins, to Feynman and Gould, discovered Christopher Hitchens and Iain M. Banks, and extended my proclivity for non-fiction to reading Homer, Hemingway, Amis (father and son), and others. Storytelling that sparked my imagination, and fertilised my nascent writing aspirations.

After leaving university, I worked as a climate change consultant, advising governments, institutions and companies on how to address the impacts, and adapt to the risks, from climate change. My work took me to many countries, fanning my curiosity for the world, and further driving my interest in science and technology and how they could be harnessed to address the challenges of a changing climate.

Honing my writing and communication skills by preparing proposals, reports, and technical documents, and through the delivery of lectures and talks at international conferences, universities and schools, and other public forums, I became increasing interested in writing about science, and enrolled in writing courses as well as penning stories in my spare time. 

Now, as a science writer, I combine my love of science and passion for writing, to impart the humanity, challenge, and magnificence of scientific discovery and technological advancements, in ways that are interesting, entertaining and accessible to the curious and inquisitive.