T. rex was no Usain Bolt

Scientists have placed an upper limit on the speed of Tyrannosaurus rex, suggesting that it could have taken quick steps with ts long limbs, but would not have been able to break into a sprint and chase down a jeep as seen in Jurassic Park. Researchers from the University of Manchester in the UK created a detailed computer model based on a T. rex specimen discovered in 1987 called BHI 3033, or Stan to his pals, which uses multibody system dynamics that looks at connected solid objects to analyse the bends and twists applied to different parts of a skeleton. They found that speeds above 17 miles (around 28 kilometres) per hour would have pushed the limits on Stan's bones. For comparison, average human walking speed is around 3mph (4.8km/h), jogging speed is around 5-6mph (8-9km/h), and Usain Bolt can run 100m at roughly 24mph (38km/h). To find out more check out Investigating the running abilities of Tyrannosaurus rex using stress-constrained multibody dynamic analysis.