New material could charge devices in seconds instead of hours

Scientists have developed a new material that could charge batteries in seconds instead of hours, removing the need for plugging-in and recharging mobile devices as well as addressing one of the major issues holding back the electric vehicle market. Researchers from Drexel University in Philadelphia in the US, have combined the properties of supercapacitors — which store and release energy in large bursts — with those of traditional batteries with large storage capacities by using a material called MXene, a flat nanomaterial that resembles a sandwich: consisting of oxide 'bread' with an electrically conductive carbon and metal 'filling' stacked on top of each other like Pringles. The scientists changed the structure of the Mien by combining it with a hydrogel, turning it into something that looks more like Swiss cheese, allowing the ions to flow freely, which is necessary for a battery to store energy. To find out more check out Entering the Fast Lane — MXene Electrodes Push Charging Rate Limits in Energy Storage.