UN passes treaty banning nuclear weapons

The United Nations has passed the first-ever treaty to ban nuclear weapons. In light of North Koreas continued testing of its intercontinental ballistic missiles, each capable of carrying a nuclear warhead, the decision couldn't be more timely. The UN's decision to pass the treaty, with more than 120 countries ready to adopt it, despite a boycott from countries the United States, Russia, Britain, France, China, India, Pakistan, and North Korea, followed a petition in March, signed by more than 2,500 scientists from 70 countries, calling for total nuclear disarmament. The treaty proposes a strengthening of the almost 50-year old Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty that gives only the five original nuclear powers — the US, Russia, Britain, France and China  the right to keep their destructive arsenals. To find out more go to The U.N. Is Currently Meeting To Negotiate A Complete, Global Ban on Nuclear Weapons.