Online dating is changing society in surprising ways

A new study has shown that online dating is changing society in profound ways, altering the way we look for love (and lust), breaking down boundaries and possibly even making for stronger long-term relationships. Online dating starting in the mid-1990s with the website, and today there are a wide variety to dating sites and apps to suit every taste, lifestyle, sexuality, and budget, from Tinder and Bumble to OKCupid and eHarmony. In the latest study, researchers from University of Essex in the U.K. and the University of Vienna in Austria, have discovered that online dating has changed the way we meet partners, and is now the second most common way for heterosexual couples to meet. For homosexual couples, it’s by far the most popular. Using a model to simulate connections between social groups, they found that by introducing random links between people from different ethnic groups, their model predicted nearly complete racial integration through online dating. And another surprising effect was that the strength of marriages through online dating tend to be stronger. To find out more check out First Evidence That Online Dating Is Changing the Nature of Society.