Latest dinosaur looks just like a cassowary

Scientists have identified a newly discovered dinosaur that bares a remarkable resemblance to a modern-day bird, the cassowary. In fact, the similarities are so strong that palaeontologists are now studying the flightless bird in order to better understand how its ancient doppelgänger may have behaved. This latest dinosaur, called Corythoraptor jacobsi is classified as an oviraptoridae, a group of bird-like, herbivores and omnivores. An almost complete skeleton was found under a train station in Ganzhou, southern China. The most striking similarity between Corythoraptor jacobsi and the cassowaries that live in New Guinea and Australia is the distinctive head crest or casque, and by comparing the two species, the researchers think they might have a better idea why these two creatures evolved in this way. To learn more check out High diversity of the Ganzhou Oviraptorid Fauna increased by a new “cassowary-like” crested species.