Are we closing in on a 'theory of everything'?

New research could lead to a Grand Unified Theory of the universe, uniting the physics of the subatomic world with that of interstellar space. Since their formulation last century, quantum physics and relatively theory have offered deeper insights into the workings of the physical world, and although scientists have attempted to bring these two theories together, for example, through string theory, so far the they have proved to be incompatible models of the physical universe. Now, researchers from the Max Planck Institute of Quantum optics in Germany, have suggested that gravity might be an outcome of random fluctuations at the quantum level, which would replace gravity as the most fundamental theory and could lead to a unified theory of the physical universe that unites the physics of the microscopic with the macroscopic. To find out more check out Quantum “Flashes” Could Be Responsible for the Creation of Gravity.